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From Taylor Sylvia:

If you are interested in meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women easily and without struggle then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

My name is Taylor Sylvia. I’m a master seducer, capable of meeting and attracting women in any situation I find myself in.

If I see an attractive woman, I know exactly what steps I need to take to get her into my bed; what I need to say, what I need to do and the specifics of how to do it.
But, I wasn’t always like this…

I’d never had a girlfriend. I’d only kissed one girl, and she wasn’t exactly the sort of girl you’d show off to your friends.

I was terrified to admit this to anyone…

I needed help, but I didn’t know who to go to.

My friends weren’t an option.

I was scared that they would laugh in my face. I also suspected that they knew as little about meeting girls as I did. They’d occasionally had girlfriends, but I’d never seen them hooking up with girls in the clubs.

I bought some of the popular men’s magazines hoping to learn a thing or two – you know, the “fhm”s and the “maxim”s – but they were no use.

One article said that the secret to meeting and attracting women was to have a clean car. It didn’t tell me how to get a woman into my car, though.

As a last resort, I sat down at my computer and typed in “how to meet hot girls” on Google. I didn’t expect there to be many results…

I was wrong… Very wrong.

There were literally millions of results... There was more information than I knew what to do with - I had found the Holy Grail and my dating problems would be no more!

Or so I thought…

Different writers had different ideas about seduction and debates were being carried out on forums about whose ideology was more accurate.

While there was gold here to be mined, it was hidden amongst the dirt.

My head was throbbing and I was more confused than ever. I had no idea what to do.

I was desperate to take control of my dating life and I knew I had to take action… But what?

An idea popped in my head... A crazy idea that might be my salvation.

I dismissed the idea as crazy. The amount of work that would have required was ridiculous! I would have to approach thousands of women while testing and documenting the hundreds of different pickup theories littering the internet.

I turned off my computer and went to bed. I needed sleep.

The next morning, I woke early and stared at the ceiling for close to an hour.

A night’s rest had made it clear - I knew that I had to do it.

I had to test as many pickup theories as I could find until I had a working model of seduction that I could use to pick up the women of my dreams.

There would be no rest until I had completed my task.

I was excited, but also a little scared. There were a lot of theories to test and it would take a long time to test them all… but I was determined.

Day after day, night after night, I went out into the world and talked to as many women as I could.

I tested different opening lines, different ways of touching women, different ways of grabbing their attention, different compliments, different body language, different ways of speaking to them and much, much more.

I even tried some of the more crazy ideas like speaking with a foreign accent and wearing outlandishly bright clothes to grab their attention.

Some theories were absurd and showed no promise… while others worked better than I ever imagined!

There was gold to be found in the teachings of the internet seducers… It would just take time to find it.

It took me three years to complete my task.

Three painstakingly difficult years filled with stress and anguish, but I never gave up and eventually completed my task…

I had devised a complete working model of male/female interactions.

Nowadays, I’m a very different person to the man I used to be. My life has changed in many dramatic ways.

The old me was timid and frightened. If he ever walked into a club, he’d sit by the bar with his friends nursing a beer while building up enough Dutch courage to approach a girl that was slightly above average in looks.

The new me is confident and decisive.

When I enter a club, every female eye is on me. My body language is relaxed and my style distinct. I stand out in every crowd.

When I scan the crowds, my brain deciphers the body language of each and every woman in the room so I can instantly pick out the ones that are most attracted to me.

When I walk up to a woman I’m attracted to, I know exactly what to say and what to do to get her give me her number, go on a date with me or come back to my bedroom.

I’ve slept with models, lawyers, and doctors – all amazing girls and all have fallen head over heels for me.

Women now float into my life… Meeting and seducing them is effortless and not something I ever have to worry about.

Life is good… Very good.

As I’ve achieved more and more success with women, my confidence has grown and grown. More opportunities have opened up in my life, not just with women, but also with my work life.

Instead of letting the world pass me by, I’m taking more chances and being rewarded more, too.

I managed to score my dream job and am in the best shape of my life.

I’m dating an amazing girl but I have a few others waiting in the pipelines… Just in case things don’t work out.

A bunch of my friends noticed the change in me. It wasn’t exactly difficult to spot… I went from being love-struck loser to a Don Juan – they wanted to know the secret…

How had I undergone such a massive transformation? And, most importantly, could they learn how to transform themselves, too?
So, I took them under my wing and started teaching them the secrets of seduction I had learned…

We went out, night after night, and I saw first hand that the tricks I’d discovered worked just as well for them as they did for me.

What took me three years of pain, anguish and hard work to learn took them a fraction of the time to absorb and implement. They went from clueless chumps to masters of the art of seduction in the space of a few weeks.

I started refining and documenting my knowledge. By watching my friends in action, I could see which techniques were the most effective at getting results in the shortest possible time.

My manual, is the result of four years of trial and error… A blueprint of male/female interactions packed to the brim with information derived from years of testing “in the field” on real women.

You see, I’ve taken the fundamental principles – the ones that work – and figured out how anyone, regardless of their background, wealth or looks, can use them to meet as many women as they desire.

I’ve cut out all the fluff – the empty promises – and put together a method that I know works; and I know it works because I’ve used it and others have too.

My method is simple and works around two very important concepts.

1. Inner Game
2. Outer Game

“Inner Game” is the foundation that everything is built upon. It deals with the inner psychology of being a confident, naturally attractive man. I spent months analyzing self-help, NLP and philosophy books to find the most potent exercises and techniques to instantly improve confidence and produce rapid transformations in men. Using the exercises I discovered, you’ll be able to eradicate any semblance of fear and anxiety from your mind and greatly increase your confidence instantly.

“Inner Game” also goes deeper. As I journeyed inwards (in the philosophical sense) and examined my ways of thinking, I discovered ideas that had been planted into my head by society that prevented me from achieving the success with women I deserved. I realized how to remove them and the effect it had on my results was profound. My manual explains exactly what this ‘social conditioning’ is and what you need to do to break free from it.

I also discovered the power of Eastern Philosophy and the teachings of Martial Arts. It’s remarkable how they apply directly to the art of picking up women. For example, Bruce Lee taught his students to “be water” – this simple phrase instantly transformed my way of looking at seduction and massively improved my results. It will do the same for you, too.

By mastering “Inner Game”, your mental state will become attuned and primed for seduction. Through inner game alone, you’ll be able to easily attract a variety of women into your life.


When combined with “Outer Game”, your results will improve exponentially to levels you never thought possible!

“Outer Game” is the real nuts and bolts of seduction. It builds on the foundation of “Inner Game” and deals with the actual art of seduction from beginning to end.

“Outer Game” doesn’t just start from the opener of a conversation – it encompasses your body language, your vocal tonality and your animation range.

Once you’ve mastered these three simple skills, women will be drawn to you before they’ve even had the chance to meet you. The best part? Once you’ve learned how these skills work and the tricks I’ll show you, you’ll be able to master them in seconds.

“Outer Game” also deals with what to say and how to say it. “Running out of things to say” syndrome will be demolished forever and you’ll gain access to an arsenal of opening lines designed to instantly grab the attention of any woman you speak to (including one special line that is guaranteed to work in every situation from now until the end of time…).

 “Outer Game” also includes the best ways to get women comfortable to your touch and how to gradually escalate the physicality to prime them to be ready for your kiss (or anything else you can think of doing with them…).

In my manual, I’ve laid out the shortcuts to getting rock solid “Inner Game” and devised a flexible framework for “Outer Game” that’ll allow you to show off your personality and use it to seduce women. I go deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone ever has and lay bare the exact underpinnings that explain how seduction works.

It’s your choice. Do it your own way… the hard way… or… read my manual and learn the simple methods I use to meet and attract women simply and easily each and every day.

If you seriously want to learn the skills to attract women… I can show you how. You’ll discover:

...And there’s a LOT more inside.

You can finally have the keys to the kingdom of women and take full control of your sex life.

Imagine this…

Your best friend calls you up on the phone and asks you to hit the clubs with him that night. You tell him you’ll be there.

You get to the club and walk past the queue straight up to the bouncer. He lets you in with a nod and you walk right in. Everyone stares in awe and starts to gossip.

You walk in to the club and you see your friend. You go over to him, shake his hand and head to the bar to grab a drink.

You move confidently through the club with strong, confident, dominant body language.

Along the way, a honey grabs your eyes. Her eyes are entrancing, her hair beautiful and her body perfect.

You don’t think – you act. You go straight up to her and deliver your opener.

She falls for you hard.

You both go for a dance. On the dance floor, you perform a little test to see if she’s ready to be kissed. She is. You make out.

You leave the club together hand in hand. To others, you look like the perfect couple that has been in love for years when in truth, you’ve known each other for about an hour.

You grab a taxi and head back to your bedroom for fun times.

How does that make you feel? Excited? I thought so.

By following the method laid out in my manual, that scenario will soon be reality. You will easily transform yourself into the confident man you’ve always wanted to be.

To prove that my method is the real deal, here are a handful of testimonials from real people that have succeeded with my method. Read what they have to say –

Nick Vanningstone

Bendigo, VIC, Australia

Hey there Taylor,

Thanks so much for all your insider tips and hot seduction strategies in your great new book. Before I read it, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when it came to meeting and seducing women. You see, I have lived in a country town all my life, so have never experienced sophisticated big city life, and come from a family of boys... I felt like a loser farmer who would never score a hot girl...

Then, I read your book and suddenly my dating horizons opened up! I read every word about the incredible potential of online dating for meeting hot women, and absorbed everything about using dating web sites to meet and score the girl of my dreams!

Everything you recommended worked, and I have met a total babe from the city who is now coming out to visit me... she says she’s always loved the countryside, so who knows where it will end?!

Thanks so much,

Nick Vanningstone

Bendigo, VIC, Australia

Brian Dellis

NYC, New York

Hi Taylor,

I can’t believe how great your seduction system is! I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical at first, as I thought I knew all the answers. I am a wealthy, young, single, pretty attractive guy, and I thought I had it all... which is why I just couldn't understand why women were rejecting me, time after time!

I know it sounds vain, but I thought I was a pretty hot package, so when hot women were turning me down, I figured it was them – they were just getting pickier and fussier!

How wrong I was!

After reading your manual, I realized I was doing and saying all the wrong things, and women could see straight through me! They thought I was a fake, and I knew I had to change. So I followed your seduction system and before I knew it everything changed... hot women are now approaching me, fawning over me, and falling for me... brilliant. I now feel like the ‘hot package’ I always hoped I was!

Huge thanks,

Brian Dellis

NYC, New York

Matt Hagen

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey Taylor,

I just had to drop you an email about my recent successes with the ladies... it’s just phenomenal! Your seduction tips have honestly turned my love life around! I used to be so shy, and so awkward around women, because I’m not the classic ‘hot guy’ or jock, and I despaired of ever having any fun, let alone winning the hot girl of my dreams!

Then, after reading your book, I realized my previous pathetic attempts at seduction had just been all wrong! I had no idea what I was doing, and turned out I was committing some of the key ‘seduction sins’... And as soon as I learned your number one seduction rule and tried it out, I knew I had the key!

I am now out there, laughing, dancing, getting all the hot girls, and having the time of my life!

So thank you!

Matt Hagen

Edinburgh, Scotland

Pretty amazing, don’t think you think? And I’ve received a ton more that I’ve got archived away in my email account, too.

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You’ll become a naturally attractive man that is capable of pulling women in any situation you find yourself in.

Men have strived for hundreds of years to learn the secrets enclosed in my manual – this information is more valuable than gold dust.

What price could you put on this information? To some guys I know… The ability to choose what women they want to sleep with and how they want their dating life to function is priceless.

I wish I had this knowledge when I started my journey – it would have saved me years of pain, anguish and heart ache.

I’ve worked hard and spent thousands of dollars on books, videos and seminars to learn all I have, not to mention the nights spent in the trenches testing theory after theory.

But you won’t have to do that.

You won’t have to spend years going out being rejected by women testing obscure theories in hopes of finding the one secret that’ll drastically improve your chances of pulling a girl home.

You won’t have to pay the thousands like I did for my “education” in the art of seduction.

You won’t have to combine multiple conflicting theories into a working model of attraction that works in the real world.

Because I’ve done all the hard work for you – all you need to do is put my blueprint into action and reap the benefits.

I originally wanted to sell this program for $299.

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I want to see more men taking control of their dating lives and getting the women the deserve.

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Listen: Everything I’ve said here is 100% true and documented… And I could go on and on. However, I know that people (maybe even you) are skeptical about things that are new, different or promise a different way of life.

I get it.

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Taylor Sylvia

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